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Productivity Issues Impacting the Jobsite (Part 2 of 3)

Welcome back to the OneConstruct™ blog and to our ongoing three part series about Productivity Issues impacting the construction site. In Part 1 we looked into problems stemming from information silos onsite — You can review Part 1 here to catch up on anything you missed. In Part 2, we’ll be diving into the decentralized nature of construction sites and how a lack of a centralized collaboration platform leads to wasted resources and lost profits.

Lack of a centralized collaboration platform

‘Listen up, we’ve got a change of plans…’ are probably the last words that anyone wants to hear on the jobsite. As we mentioned in Part 1, updates need to be coordinated sitewide across all crews and typically signal additional planning, administrative work and new implementations. However even after new updates have been communicated, teams continue to struggle by spending large amounts of time locating revised shop drawings and connecting instructions with execution plans and details.

Due to their manual nature, these processes are both decentralized and time-consuming as not all crews use the same methods to access this critical information. In a recent survey, over 63% of construction workers reported that they use more than 3 different apps daily to manage and locate necessary project data and since each app is so specialized, crews are having to jump in and out of each one to manage different areas of the project. In fact, it’s reported that construction professionals are spending upwards of 35% of their time on non-optimal activities during the workweek. To put that into perspective, that means that during an average 40 hour workweek, construction professionals are spending over 14 hours per person locating project data and information, dealing with mistakes and rework, and identifying essential documentation. This obvious time drain eats away at the bottom line as reports show that mid-sized construction firms are losing over $2 Billion per year due to these delays.


Decentralized and non-accessible project information is a problem occurring far too often in the field. A solution like OneConstruct™ alleviates these pain points by easily linking construction documents, engineering and shop drawings, and execution plans to relevant tasks, teams and projects. Make sure to check out Part 3 of our Productivity Issues series where we’ll detail the ramifications of misalignments between stakeholders, owners and project managers.